Nov. 15, 2016

BBF Fit Mississauga Marathon Recap

Health & Nutrition

Race season is in full swing in the GTA and Burnbrae Farms is a proud sponsor at a number of these events. Additionally, this year we’ve selected a team of Get BBF Fit ambassadors to help spread the word about how they use eggs to fuel their workouts.

Every athlete knows that nutrition plays a key role in their training and races. From an easy and delicious omelette, to the grab and go convenience of the hardboiled snack packs, to a drool worthy muffin recipe, the ambassador team knows how to make healthy eating a priority.

The three ambassadors that ran at the Mississauga Marathon weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, each had an amazing and inspiring race and we want to congratulate them on their performances.


Krysten was in surgery just over five months ago to secure part of her pacemaker which she has due to a condition called prolonged QT syndrome. This was her second race and her first half marathon since recovering from this most recent surgery. Her performance at the Mississauga Marathon mirrored the time she achieved during a half marathon approximately one year ago. Not much can slow this runner down and we’re looking forward to watching her race this season. Congratulations Krysten!


Janice is not only running this year but is also training for the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka. She chose the half marathon distance because it fit best with her overall training plan for the summer. Fueled by a hardboiled egg, coffee, oatmeal and a pre-race tradition boston cream doughnut, Janice powered herself to a new personal best. Congratulations Janice!


Phaedra ran the 10k at the Mississauga Marathon weekend. Taking place on Saturday afternoon, the 10k start time left Phaedra a few hours in the morning to do some other training on her bike. After riding 75km that morning, Phaedra fueled up with some scrambled eggs and went on to place as the 2nd overall female. Congratulations Phaedra!

Wow what a weekend! You’ll be hearing more from the fitness ambassadors over the summer and fall including my races and fellow BBF Fit Ambassador, Carmy.

Thanks to our guest blogger:

Morgan is a personal trainer, owner of Wildly Fit, and Burnbrae Farms Health Ambassador. Whether leading the Wildly Fit running club, getting ladies sweating at boot camp, or motivating her online health and fitness groups, Morgan always focuses on holistic health. She believes that everyone can achieve high energy, peace, and overall wellness through good nutrition, consistent exercise and a regular mindfulness practice.