Aug. 24, 2022

Bento Box Favourites with EGGS2go!

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One of my lasting impressions from the Tokyo Olympic Games were that of the uniqueness and beauty of Japan. For our pre-Olympic camp, we were fortunate to spend two weeks in a remote city outside of Tokyo. During our stay, we had the privilege to taste the local cuisine and experience the culture of the Sagamihara community, the small city we were located. A town beaming with pride, we were welcomed with open arms! They had decorated multiple communal rooms of the residence with facts and information about both the history of the city and the country and countless notes of encouragement and support from local school children. Thankfully, to offset our restricted touring, the city somewhat came to us. With countless local volunteers acting as translators, aides, commute guides, chaperones, and directors, we got to know the local community fairly well!

During my stay, there were culinary tools that I knew I needed. The first was a set to make sushi with (obviously!). The second was a neat, tidy, separate compartment bento box! The first has yet to be successfully accomplished, however the second helped me prep, plan and keep all my lunches organized and tidy for my days on the go.

There is nothing worse than when you need a lunch on the go, but you want to pack a little bit of everything. You throw it all into the same container and by the time you are ready to enjoy it, you have your egg-fruit-cracker-chocolate salad all mixed together!  So that’s why I relied on my bento boxes a lot. As always, the protein element of my bento boxes is the biggest concern because typically, that takes the longest to get ready. It is for this reason that I rely on Burnbrae Farms’ pre-cooked EGGS2go! hard boiled eggs for my protein. I just slice up some EGGS2go!, pair it with some fruit, veggies and a starch, and rush out the door. With this little ensemble, I know I will be fueled and satisfied for the day.

As someone who likes to be creative when it comes to my meals and snacks, I always try and mix up my bento boxes. Different combinations of foods with different flavours of EGGS2go! makes it so I always have something to look forward to. That being said, I typically rely on my ‘staple’ boxes that provide me with the fats, proteins and carbs to keep me energized and satisfied.

Here are three combination of bento boxes I rely on using three different flavours of EGGS2go!. I can never predict what I will be in the mood for, so having options can make your bento box more enjoyable! Enjoy these combinations in your next box creation!

Bento Box #1: EGGS2go! Salt & Pepper Snack Pack

-                  Sliced EGGS2go! Salt & Pepper snack pack (2 whole eggs)

-                  6-8 Salted Triscuit Crackers

-                  1/4 cup Cashews

-                  1/2 cup Seedless Grapes

-                  2 Babybell Cheeses

Bento Box #2: EGGS2go! Omega 3 Snack Pack

-                  Sliced EGGS2go! Omega 3 snack pack (2 whole eggs)

-                  Handful of Baby Carrots

-                  1/3 cup Sliced Melon

-                  3-4 Slices of Swiss Cheese

-                  3-4 Slices of Prosciutto Ham

Bento Box #3: EGGS2go! Dill Snack Pack

-                  Sliced EGGS2go! Dill snack pack (2 whole eggs)

-                  2 slices Dill Pickles

-                  1/4 cup Raw Almonds

-                  4-5 Olives

-                  3-4 slices of Aged Cheddar Cheese