Nov. 15, 2016

Burnbrae Farms Nestlaid™ Eggs

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Here at Burnbrae Farms it is important for us to provide consumers with choice in the type of eggs they purchase. Our Nestlaid eggs come from hens raised in small social groups that are free to express natural behaviours like perching and laying their eggs in a private nesting area in a safe, clean and comfortable furnished cage environment.

Alternative hen housing systems

Our enriched or furnished cages are bigger than conventional hen housing, giving the birds more room to move around, stretch, spread their wings and express some of their natural behaviours like perching and laying their eggs in a private nesting area. A key benefit to housing our hens in smaller social groups is to help reduce the impact of aggressive behaviours like feather pecking from the more dominant hens. For more information on our enriched housing visit our YouTube page here .

Perches and nesting areas to express natural behaviours

The furnished cages have perches which give the hens a place to roost. Hens like laying eggs in the nesting areas where it is quiet, dark and they have a sense of privacy. The boxes are enclosed with curtains and are designed with a slightly sloping floor. Once the eggs are laid, they roll down to the front of the nesting box and onto a conveyor belt. Most eggs will be laid between 9 and 11 in the morning.

Easy access to feed and water

Our hens are fed a diet of whole grains and other wholesome ingredients. This housing system allows them easy access to both food and clean drinking water.

What’s in them for you?

All eggs, including Burnbrae Farms Nestlaid are an excellent source of protein. Each 53 g egg is a source of 13 vitamins and minerals and excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium, click here for their nutritional information. Burnbrae Farms Nestlaid is a proud supporter of green electricity with Bullfrog Power®. We hope you enjoy our Nestlaid eggs, you will find them at major retailers across Canada.

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