July 21, 2022

DIY Egg Carton Bird Feeder


Since recently having completed my final exams in May, I have had some time to get back to creating, crafting and exploring. These mindless activities are what keep my heart full and keep my hands busy! Because most of my mental energy has been going into learning how to row again, I have made a personal commitment to do fun, little things that make me giggle and keep me smiling when I have some free time.

Having grown up in nature, I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors. My dad, the environmentalist/marine biologist/zoologist expert himself, took an interest in educating my cousins and me on the wilderness and ecosystems that make up the island we (and they) call Horseshoe. We were taught to honour the land we live on and respect it. Picking flowers was a huge no-no and the birds, bugs and bees were here first, so you make way for them! No swatting shall be had, for the bees sake, and your own! While fondly remembering the good times I had growing up, I decided I should do a little bit for my neighbourly critters myself! So, I decided to make an egg carton bird feeder!

Where I live now, in Duncan, BC, there are a beautiful variety of birds flying around, feeding on the bugs that crawl and fly along the rock face outside my house. As the rock face is directly outside my window, there is no better location to position my own feeder and watch as they enjoy a friendly gift, from me to them. Hopefully, it will give the bugs a little bit of a break too, knowing they are safe to scurry around while the feeder provides a better source of food for their predator.

Here is what you need to create a bird feeder yourself! Super easy, super fun and guaranteed to attract your friendly neighbourhood birdies!


-     Burnbrae Farms Egg Carton (12 egg carton)

-     Twine

-     Bird Seeds

-     Scissors

-     Glue

-     Markers or Paint (for decoration!)


1. Cut off top portion of egg carton.

2. Puncture the top four outside corners of the egg carton (this is where the string will pass).

3. Decorate the outside of your bird feeder, anyway you want! :)

4. Cut two pieces of twine, approximately 1 foot long each

5. Diagonally, thread the string through the punctured holes and tie the end of the string over the corners in a knot.

6. Glue the string to the carton to solidly hold the knot (in case it falls apart!).

7. Fill the egg compartments with bird seeds.

8. Hang the bird seed holder onto a hanging branch and wait for your winged visitors to come by and enjoy!