Aug. 15, 2023

EGGS2go! A perfect post-training snack

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August is a busy time for me. It’s usually a major championship month (World Championships or Olympics), meaning I’m on the road. When I’m travelling, high quality snacks can be hard to find but EGGS2go! hard boiled eggs are a perfect solution. They’re packed with protein, portable, tasty and pre-peeled so you don’t need to fuss with shells.

I take EGGS2go! with me on flights and long drives, but I also love having them at home after a hard training session. My training location is a 40 minute drive from my house, so a snack in between my run and my next meal is important. Eating within 30 mins of exercise is crucial for recovery – so having two of Burnbrae’s EGGS2go! is a great way to get enough protein and hold me over until I get home and have dinner. If I pair the eggs with an apple or some chocolate milk, I’ve got a perfectly balanced snack.

Maddy’s practice routine:

3pm: snack before leaving, usually something carbohydrate heavy like toast or a scone.

4pm: leave for the workout.

4:50pm: activation and warm up, hydrating the whole time.

6pm: workout

7pm: cool down and snack, usually EGGS2go! with chocolate milk and lots of water.

8pm: dinner at home!

Maddy Kelly

800m Runner & Olympian