Nov. 19, 2020

Food Trends: Looking Forward to 2021

President's Blog
Margaret Hudson
President, Burnbrae Farms
4th Generation Farmer

One of my favourite parts of the new year is reading predictions from trend spotters about the ingredients and meal ideas that will be popular in the coming year. Looks like 2021 will be relaxed…but spicy! Here are some thoughts on the hottest food trends for 2021.

The Middle Ground: The new year is often a time for making lofty health resolutions, which most people give up on by February. But 2020 was an unprecedented year that made people re-evaluate their health goals. In 2021, fad diets are being replaced by sensible immune-supportive eating plans, and hardcore gym workouts are translating into home workouts or a simple walk around the block. People are realizing that food trends don’t last long (remember the celery juice craze in 2019??), but a healthy lifestyle is a great long-term investment.

Time for Breakfast . Now that an increased number of people are working from home, there’s more time in the morning for a relaxed breakfast. Rather than grabbing a protein bar on the way out the door, pundits predict that 2021 will be the year that home-cooked breakfasts make a comeback. From huevos rancheros , to protein oatmeal, to Eggs Benedict, people are more likely to spend 20 minutes on breakfast, rather than the harried 5-minute window. Time for omelettes on a weekday? Why not! Here are some great recipes to try:

Spice It Up ! In a multicultural country like Canada, we’re lucky to be inspired by cuisine from around the globe. Years ago, Canadians were introduced to sriracha, a spicy condiment from Thailand that’s now a staple in many kitchens. What’s the next spicy sauce that will become a household staple? There are a few predictions. And bonus: they all pair well with scrambled eggs!

-  Gochujang: a spicy-sweet red chili paste from Korea
-  Schug or Zhug – a Middle Eastern hot sauce made with parsley, cilantro and chilis
-  Bajan pepper sauce: a spicy sauce from Barbados that’s made with scotch bonnet peppers
-  Harissa: a garlicky hot chili pepper paste from North Africa
-  Chamoy: a Mexican sauce with a combination of salt, sweet and heat
-  Sambal oelek: A hot chili sauce from Indonesia made with shrimp paste

You can spice things up at home with our Egg-cellent hot sauce energy bowl .

Eat Globally From Home : Now that travel is restricted, international flavours (beyond hot sauce!) are being captured in home kitchens and from take-out menus. Spice-producer McCormick predicts that flavour trends we will see emerge in 2021 include Brazilian tempero baiano seasoning, Mexican recados, Japanese izakaya, Filipino pinoy BBQ and Indian Kashmiri. The most anticipated cookbook releases for 2021 also bring global cuisine into home kitchens. Look for Chaat (Indian cooking); World Food Mexico City ; Eat, Habibi, Eat ! (Middle Eastern/Egyptian) and The Nom Wah Cookbook (dim sum) on bookstore shelves in 2021.

Sustainability Is Vital: According to a new study published by The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity entitled “Trends in Trust & The Path Forward”, Canadian consumers sustainability in food is increasingly non-negotiable. A majority say they actively seek out food items that use less packaging (55%) or have a minimal environmental impact (47%). Reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the negative effects of climate change is important to us at Burnbrae Farms. Last year, we opened Canada’s largest solar-powered egg laying farm which produces more power than it uses, sharing surplus energy with the neighbouring farm. It was part of our company’s sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse emissions and increase the use of sustainable green energy at our locations across Canada. In 2021 and beyond, we will continue to focus on reducing green house gas emissions, diverting landfill waste, minimizing water use and naturalizing our green spaces with native species, tracking our progress against our goals.  While we are very proud of all that we have accomplished here at Burnbrae, we are aware that more needs to be done and we remain committed to making positive  changes for Canadians, one egg at a time.

Happy New Year!

Margaret Hudson

President, Burnbrae Farms