Sept. 30, 2020

Health and Safety at Burnbrae Farms


Here at Burnbrae Farms Health and Safety is a cornerstone of our Mission, Vision and Values, so we take it very seriously. We want to ensure that everyone who works here goes home to their families at the end of every shift safe and sound.

As an employee at Burnbrae training is a priority, whether it is for the equipment that you operate, the PPE you wear or the policies and procedures that you are required to follow or lead. During your orientation as a new employee, we will ensure that you understand how to perform your role. This will include detailed training on any required machinery and your trainer and/or supervisor will explain any potential risks involved in the job you perform.

We expect everyone to pitch in because safety is everyone’s business here at Burnbrae Farms. If anyone notices something that could be improved or that poses a safety risk, they are expected to advise their supervisor right away and are encouraged to help find a solution. Together we are always trying to make Burnbrae a better, safer and more enjoyable place to work!

We hope you will join our team!

COVID Safety Response

During 2020 we put in place many different practices to make sure we could prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our workplace. The following are just a few: when we arrive at Burnbrae Farms we have our temperature taken. If we are feeling sick with any of the COVID symptoms we just do not go into work. We keep the workplace very clean by disinfecting all common work areas including cafeterias and locker rooms at various times throughout each shift. We also wear masks at all our locations and sometimes safety glasses as well. This is to ensure that if someone does get sick it does not spread to our other colleagues. We also installed plexiglass dividers in areas where appropriate. We placed extra sinks, soap and hand disinfectant throughout our facilities, because one of the best preventions not just from COVID-19 but many other illnesses is frequent hand washing.