Oct. 30, 2021

Jenny Casson Halloween Blog Post


If you can be just about anything for Halloween, you can surely decorate with just about anything for Halloween!

Halloween is without a doubt one of the greatest times to do all and any “do-it-yourself” projects. As one of the best times to get your creative juices flowing, even if your project is a total flop, it will still work! Its Halloween, the messier, the better!

Designing your own costume and creating ghoulish-or-foolish party themed treats and drinks, Halloween can really bring out the best of your creative side. With that being said, Halloween is also the best time to let the kid inside of you come out to play! If not the kid in you, then the creative powers of your own kids, friends, and families around you!

Timeless crafting traditions such as carving pumpkins and creating your own costumes never fail to stir up a bit of excitement and fun. In my family, pumpkin carving was an annual competition…or at least somehow always became a competition. Naturally, as someone who is very competitive, I took pumpkin carving very seriously.

Regardless of my affords, I was rarely crowned the winner. My (although perfectly presented) crooked smiley-face classic was always outdone by the 5 hours of dedicated focus and woodshed-tool-crafted works of gothic art both my father and my brother took to creating. As I don’t enjoy losing, I decided to take my talents elsewhere, to a more “win-able” Halloween tradition of my own! DIY projects!

I love making something out of nothing or putting a little bit of thought into an idea I think could turn out fun for others to see. I also love making ideas I think kids would love and are very easy for families to do together. This was something my mom always did for me, and creative crafts are something I one day hope to do with my own children. I guess I am a sucker for a lot of practice!

What I have come to discover is that the point in Halloween crafts is to never be perfect. Sometimes, the worse it turns out, the more “Halloween Chic” it is. It may end in disaster and a giant mess, but it was a whole lot of fun and time well spent getting there!

Pictured here is an art project submitted to me by a very clever and talented 4th grader at a local elementary school nearby! How amazing!

Just kidding. I made this and had a blast. Who would have thought a carton of eggs to be such a perfect decoration? Here’s to a Halloween, activities and endless DIY projects for all ages and all products!