Feb. 8, 2024

Local, Nutritious, Affordable Eggs: We Champion Choice


At Burnbrae Farms, a sixth-generation Canadian family business, we make it a priority to provide choice to egg lovers based on their values and preferences – and that includes affordability. We feel an ethical obligation to make sure families of all incomes have access to safe, nutritious eggs – one of the most affordable and versatile sources of protein.

When we first began producing eggs more than 80 years ago, Burnbrae offered one type. Now we offer more than 15 types of eggs, from conventional housing (being phased out by 2036), enriched, free run and free range, and with different nutritional profiles , like our omega-3 eggs.

Many families depend on eggs as a convenient, healthy and affordable source of protein and nutrients. That’s especially true today with inflation putting a strain on so many.

This is why we supply eggs from housing types like enriched colony , featuring larger enclosures. Hens are housed in smaller social groups, which reduces hen aggression (pecking) found in large flocks, and they can demonstrate instinctive behaviours like nesting, perching and scratching. This housing type provides exceptional hen care and produces more affordable eggs – and, for those consumers focused on sustainability, enriched housing has a lower carbon footprint than free-run or free range (cage-free).

Regardless of the variety, price or the type of housing, all hens at Burnbrae Farms receive the highest standards of care based on research-based best practices and poultry science.

We, along with all Canadian egg farmers, are committed to moving hens out of conventional (cage) housing before 2036 and into enriched (larger cage), free run (cage-free) or free range (cage-free) housing. Phasing out conventional cages by 2036 allows farmers time to amortize existing barns to recoup their family's investment, which is significant. Burnbrae Farms and the hundreds of farmers we work with are on pace to achieve this timeline. We have transparently reported our transition from conventional to alternative housing, through our annual public Sustainability (ESG) reports , the latest of which is set for release in May 2024. (If you’re interested in seeing the percentage of hens raised in conventional, enriched and cage-free housing, Egg Farmers of Canada references the details in their annual reports ).

In addition, we align our hen housing and management with the National Farm Animal Care Council Codes of Practice for Laying Hens , which is developed through careful consideration by a diverse group of stakeholders including animal scientists and well-being experts.

We continue to support poultry science research that helps to inform our animal care program and ensure we are continuously improving the quality of care given to hens in all environments. Notably, at the University of Guelph, we sponsored a 10-year professorship in Poultry Welfare from 2013 to 2023. We have a National Animal Care Specialist, with a PHD in poultry behaviour and wellbeing, working with our poultry team.

Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of animal care is as strong today as it was when the Hudson family began producing eggs decades ago. We are proud to ensure Canadian families have access to affordable, high-quality, local, nutritious eggs and egg products from responsibly raised hens – it’s the right thing to do.

We are equally proud to share an abundance of videos and articles on our website regarding hen housing and egg production so Canadian consumers can make the best choice for themselves and their families. We invite you to learn more at burnbraefarms.com .

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Burnbrae Farms is the largest family-owned and operated egg business in Canada, committed to providing Canadians with nutritious, great-tasting eggs and egg products. As a majority female owned business, we are proud to be certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE). For generations, the Hudson family has given back to local communities, through grassroots programs, local and national charities, enhancing the lives of Canadians, one egg at a time.