June 8, 2017

Planting with Egg Shells


Summer is here, and you know what that means: it’s time to get your hands dirty! To ring in the season of blue skies and sunshine, we’re giving the long-overlooked eggshell a new sense of purpose as a biodegradable planter for your homegrown plants. Plant the eggshells directly into the soil of your home garden and they’ll nourish not only the growing plant, but also the soil surrounding it. Whether you’re a seasoned professional with a backyard greenhouse or a beginner looking for a fun and easy gateway to gardening, this planting project is worthy of two green thumbs up.

What you need:

-An egg carton filled with a dozen Burnbrae Naturegg Nestlaid Eggs
-A spoon
-Seeds (we used tomato and flower seeds)
-A small spray bottle
-A sharp knife

Step One:

Carefully crack the tops off the 12 eggs and pour the liquid eggs into a bowl (Note: Don’t waste the eggs! We made ours into a delicious lunchtime omelette)

Step Two:

Clean the egg residue off the shells and place them back into the carton

Step Three:

Spoon the soil into the egg shells (this step might get messy so make sure to have some paper towel on hand!)

Step Four:

Drop the seeds into the soil, and spray them with water.

Step Five:

Wait a week or two for your seeds to grow into healthy plants, then either place the egg carton in the garden and let it decompose to give the plants some healthy fertilizer or keep your plants inside to give your house a cheery spring feeling!