April 12, 2024

Burnbrae Farms Statement - "It's the right thing to do."


At Burnbrae Farms, hen care is a top priority. All hens, regardless of the type of housing, receive the highest standard of care based on poultry science, veterinarian recommendations and research-based best practices. It’s the right thing to do.

It’s also our honour and privilege to provide consumers the choice they deserve . For six generations, the Hudson family and Burnbrae team has worked with Canadian egg farmers to provide a variety of healthy and affordable eggs from responsibly raised hens, so Canadians can choose the eggs right for themselves and their families. We believe families of all incomes should have access and that limiting the type of eggs consumers can purchase denies them the right to choose important, affordable high quality protein sources that fit their nutritional needs and lifestyles.

This is why Burnbrae continues to supply eggs from housing types like enriched , which balances exceptional hen care and healthy, affordable egg production. We stand behind – and have been fully transparent about – our commitment to provide eggs from hens in all housing types endorsed by the Canadian Code of Practice , including enriched housing.

At Burnbrae Farms, our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of animal care is as strong today as it was when the Hudson family began producing eggs more than 80 years ago. We remain constant in our commitment to ensure all Canadian families have access to nutritious, affordable eggs and egg products.