Nov. 3, 2022

Welcome Maddy Kelly - Our Newest Sponsored Athlete



I’m Madeleine Kelly, and I’m an 800m runner and Olympian. And I love eggs.

As I write these words, I’ve just finished a plate of scrambled eggs. Three eggs, scrambled in butter, with hot peppers on top. I eat this, with some toast and coffee, almost every morning before training.

The other day, as I put my fork into the omelette I was having for dinner, I realized I'd eaten eggs for every single meal that day (which, to be clear, I also think is a lot of eggs).

That day I’d had:

- my usual breakfast
- an egg salad sandwich for lunch
- an omelette and potatoes for dinner
- and a hard boiled egg as a nightcap (kidding, that last one was a joke, the rest is true)

I actually wasn’t an egg lover as a kid, but I came to love them in university. I started obsessively watching cooking videos and every chef said, the true test of a cook is their ability to make a soft scramble and a french omelette. Beyond the challenge of learning something new (I’ve always loved a challenge) eggs were, frankly, affordable protein and I wasn’t exactly rolling in money at the time.

Eggs also have a fantastically lengthy shelf life – ideal for an 18/19 year old who would often buy groceries but then eat dinner elsewhere because, “it sounded more fun.”

So I learned how to cook eggs, and cook them well. They remain a staple in my diet, and the thing I cook for people I love on a weekend morning, an easy weeknight supper, and especially before any training session. Their high protein content keeps me full for hours!

With that in mind – I’m so excited to partner with Burnbrae Farms! Given my affinity for eggs, who better to work with than egg farmers? Beyond producing my favourite food, Burnbrae Farms were also founded in eastern Ontario, the part of the province I grew up in – it’s a pretty perfect match.