May 9, 2018

Why are there egg shells in my coffee?


In 2018, Burnbrae Farms began supplying egg shells to Blackstar Authentic Cowboy Coffee , a Toronto-based company with the dream of making smooth coffee, the old-fashioned cowboy way. Some of the egg shells leftover from Burnbrae’s further processing operations in Winnipeg are dried, ground to a super-fine powder and sent to Blackstar for their line of specialty coffees.

So how did Cowboys and Cowgirls Make Coffee?

As legend goes, a 150 year-old cowboy tradition would have cowboys and cowgirls toss eggshells into coffee as it heated, to make smoother. Why? It is said that the alkaline in the shells absorbs the acidity in the coffee.

How Does the Process Work?

Burnbrae Farms has a variety of egg products, from shell eggs to liquid and processed which are made available at retail and also to foodservice and industrial customers. When eggs are brought in for further processing, they are cracked and the bulk of the shells are set aside for composting.

For the production of Blackstar Authentic Cowboy Coffee, some of the egg shells at our Winnipeg plant are set aside, dried and ground to a super-fine powder.  Blackstar uses the dried egg shell powder in their coffee representing about 5% of the total blend.

Why is it Important to Reduce Waste?

Burnbrae Farms has established goals in line with its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); one of these is reducing waste and the company’s environmental footprint. This is a prime example of a new practice established to meet those goals. In order to reduce waste to landfill, the egg shells are diverted and re-purposed.

‘As a company, with a strong commitment to CSR and the environment, we are constantly evaluating our practices, and finding innovative solutions to decrease our impact on the environment. I couldn’t be more pleased with this initiative, and as an avid coffee lover, the product is great!’ said Dave Chapman, Co-Chair of Burnbrae Farms’ CSR Committee.

‘We have established very clear company-wide goals in order to decrease use of resources and reducing waste. This is an exciting pilot-project, and we are so pleased with the results. Diverting these shells and creating a new use for them is a prime example of how we have found straightforward and practical practices to meet these goals and contribute to the circular economy. We’re excited to continue to work on this program and develop new ones!” added Helen Anne Hudson, PhD., Co-Chair of Burnbrae Farms’ CSR Committee.

Blackstar Authentic Cowboy Coffee

To learn more about the company, and its line of egg shell infused coffee, click here: