Breakfast in a Jiffy

No excuse to skip breakfast, these eggs are ready in two minutes flat!

  • Prep time: 5 min
  • Makes: 1 Serving
  • Cook time: 1-1 1/2 min

Nutritional Information


  • Calories
  • Saturated Fat
    4 g
  • Fat
    11 g
  • Carbohydrates
    4 g
  • Fibre
    0 g
  • Sugars
    1 g
  • Protein
    17 g
  • Sodium
    230 mg


2 Naturegg Omega Plus Shell Eggs (about 150 g)
2 tbsp / 30 ml milk
2 tbsp / 30 ml shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp / 2 ml chopped parsley (optional)
pinch dried basil or Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Beat together eggs, milk and seasonings in a microwaveable mug. Cover loosely with plastic wrap, turning it back slightly to vent.

  2. Microwave on Medium-High (70%) 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. Remove plastic and stir. Sprinkle with cheese and parsley; cover and let stand 1 minute.


  1. After beating eggs, add any of the following: chopped green onion or chopped green, red or yellow peppers, or chopped cooked vegetables or meats.

  2. For breakfast on the go, cut a whole wheat pita bread in half and spoon egg mixture into both pockets.

Gluten Free

  1. If using pre-packaged shredded cheddar cheese choose one that is gluten-free. If using Italian seasoning, check ingredients to make sure it is gluten-free. For variations, if adding meat, choose a gluten-free ham, sausage or deli meat, as processed meat products may contain fillers or seasonings made from wheat. And for breakfast on the go, substitute gluten-free bagel or toast to make a gluten-free breakfast sandwich.

This recipe was made with:

Naturegg Omega Plus

Nutritionally enhanced eggs.

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Tips: Shell Eggs

For perfectly cooked whites with runny yolks, add 1 tbsp/15 ml water to the skillet and cover the pan when frying eggs.

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