Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

Those avoiding wheat can still enjoy their favourite sweet treats like this classic, multipurpose cake.

  • Prep time: 15 min
  • Makes: 12 servings
  • Cook time: 45 min

Nutritional Information

PER SERVING (1 of 12 slices in cake)

  • Calories 141
  • Fat 0 g
  • Saturated Fat 0 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Carbohydrates 31 g
  • Fibre 1 g
  • Sugars 21 g
  • Protein 4 g
  • Sodium 57 mg
  • Potassium* 47 mg
*Some ingredients used in the analysis do not provide potassium information, so the potassium mg per serving may be undervalued


1 1/2 cup / 375 g
Naturegg Simply Egg Whites, well shaken
1 1/2 tsp / 7 ml
cream of tartar
1 tsp / 5 ml
each vanilla extract and lemon juice
1 1/4 cup / 300 ml
superfine granulated sugar, divided
3/4 cup / 175 ml
gluten-free flour blend
1/4 cup / 50 ml
gluten-free cornstarch
1 tsp / 5 ml
xanthan gum


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Combine egg whites with cream of tartar, vanilla and lemon juice in a large mixing bowl. Beat on high speed until foamy.

  2. Beating constantly, very gradually add 3/4 cup (175 mL) sugar; continue to beat until egg whites form stiff peaks. Meanwhile, stir the flour blend with the remaining sugar, cornstarch and xanthan gum. In three additions, gently fold the flour mixture into the egg whites until no streaks remain.

  3. Scrape the batter into an ungreased, 10-inch tube pan with a removable bottom. Bake for 45 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched. Turn pan upside-down onto a heatproof bottle (or rest the sides on two large cans). Cool completely before removing from the pan. Makes 12 servings.


  1. To give the cake a simple, sweet glaze: blend 3/4 cup (75 mL) gluten-free icing sugar with 1 tbsp (15 mL) milk, water, lemon or orange juice. Adjust consistency with additional fluid, 1 tsp (5 mL) at a time until it is easily pourable. Flavour with vanilla or another extract if desired.

This recipe was made with:

Naturegg Simply Egg Whites

Made from 100% pure egg whites. We mean simple.

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Tips: Whipping

"Soft peaks": are mountains of white that come up as you lift the beater up and then fold over at the tips.

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