15 novembre 2016

GetBBFfit Lower Body Workout

Santé et nutrition

This is a simple lower body workout that is sure to work you hard and get your legs shaking. Every time you do this workout your legs will keep getting stronger. Perform a short dynamic warm up to raise the body core temperature before you start and make sure to take a few minutes to stretch post workout.  With a timer, set your time for one minute for each exercise and perform as many reps as possible within the minute (6 total moves). Complete each exercise move in order, take a short rest and go back to the top. Perform this list of exercises three times for best results.

Side lunge with knee drive - 1 minute on each side

Start standing. Take your right foot and make a big step to the right side as you lunge. The knee should stay over the toes, not extended past the toes. Keep the left leg straight as you lower down into the lunge. Put your weight in your right foot and push back up to standing as you bring the right knee up to the chest in a knee drive. From that position go back into the right side lunge. After one minute, switch to the left side

Wall Sit

Find a flat wall and place your back against it. Slowly slide your back down the wall and walk your feet out in front of you until your legs make a 90 degree angle with your knees bent. Place your weight in your heels and push both your lower back and your shoulder blades flat against the wall. Hold for one minute.

Plie squat with heel pulse

Walk your feet out wide and point your toes and knees out towards the corners of the room. Lower down into a low squat. You’re going to hold that position for the full minute while you alternate raising each heel. Start by raising your right heel up while you keep your toes on the floor. Then lower the right heel and switch to the left side.

Lunge pulse up and down - 1 minute each side

Start with your legs hip width apart. Step forward into a lunge. Focus on making your knee a 90 degree angle and keep knee over top of toes, not pushed forward. Pulse up and down on the same side for one minute. Place your hands on your hips or hold them out to the side and then raise up to the ceiling as you pulse. Switch sides for another minute.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Don’t forget to focus on nutrition as a partner to your workouts. Sometimes it can be hard to fit in all the veggies I need in a day, so I add them to smoothies. Check out my carrot cake smoothie recipe that has carrots and Naturegg Simply Egg Whites.


Morgan is a personal trainer, owner of Wildly Fit, and Burnbrae Farms Health Ambassador. Whether leading the Wildly Fit running club, getting ladies sweating at boot camp, or motivating her online health and fitness groups, Morgan always focuses on holistic health. She believes that everyone can achieve high energy, peace, and overall wellness through good nutrition, consistent exercise and a regular mindfulness practice.