Jan. 12, 2024

A Day in the Life with Maddy Kelly

Products & Recipes

Welcome to 2024! For me, the new year means that the indoor season is right around the corner and preparing for that season is a big focus.

With that comes a fairly consistent weekly schedule and lots of food to support that training! Burnbrae’s eggs and egg products are a big part of my weekly diet. From scrambled eggs (almost) every morning to EGG Bakes! as an afternoon snack – they’re a staple for me.

EGG Bakes! come together in just 90 seconds and have up to 14g of protein per quiche, making them ideal to hold you over between meals. My go to flavour is 4 Cheese & Ham , but they have a few great options to choose from! Here’s how they fit into a day in my life!

Maddy’s day in the life schedule:

Wake up, 8:00 am : emails and coffee

Breakfast, 8:45 am: usually three eggs, scrambled and a smoothie.

Run #1 and weights, 10am : I lift weights twice a week and go to Pilates once a week.

Lunch, noon : sandwich (my personal favourite is from an Italian shop in Hamilton called Artie’s).

Afternoon work, 1pm : this is usually some combination of writing projects, scheduling and admin or calls.

Afternoon snack, 3pm : Burnbrae’s EGG Bakes! with some crackers or an apple.

Run #2, 4:30pm : this is a shorter run to finish the day, usually about 6 kilometres!

Dinner, 7pm : either at home or with friends. Dinner is typically a pasta or a rice bowl or a stew!

TV time and dessert, 8pm : I’m obsessed with the Real Housewives franchises!

Bedtime, 10pm !

Maddy Kelly

800m Runner & Olympian